Di Pasquo, Umberto

CIBP, Brüssel, Belgien

Umberto Di Pasquo is a senior manager at CIBP, the first international organisation that brings together 1705 cooperative banks from five continents. Through a special focus on digital strategies and proximity, his major efforts are currently directed towards supporting CIBP member banks' ongoing efforts to identify and pursue growth opportunities as well as to deliver value to their customers, cooperative members and regional economies. He is a lawyer by training, with a Master degree in International law and European Union policies. He has worked for over a decade in many different fields including cooperative finance, payment systems, communication, politics, legal and public affairs. By blending and distilling the experiences acquired in each of these sectors, Umberto developed the skill set to manage multi-displinary programmes and projects across the globe. Also in his private life, he proactively engages in creating and reenergising the cooperative culture.

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