Siudek, Tomasz

Dr. hab., Warsaw University of Life Sciences, Poland

Tomasz Siudek is an Associate Professor of economics at Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW (WULS), Poland, where he teaches on undergraduate and postgraduate courses on banking, finance and accounting. He earned his M.Sc. in animal husbandry from WULS in 1996 and doctoral degree in agricultural sciences from WULS in 1995. He also graduated M.A. in economics from Warsaw School of Economics in 1996. In 1994 he joined the Faculty of Economic Sciences, WULS, where he completed his habilitation in economics in 2012. His research focuses primarily on cooperative banks in Poland and other European Union countries including work on their economic and financial performance, contribution to local and regional development, competition and competitiveness, and social responsibility. He has published about 100 theoretical and empirical papers on those issues and authored the books Cooperative Banking in Poland in Market Economy Conditions. The study of Competitiveness, Efficiency, Organization, Regulation and Development Perspectives (WULS Publishing, 2006) and Cooperative Banking in Poland and in the Selected European Union Countries: Economic, Organizational and Social Dimension (WULS Publishing, 2011). Since 2012 he has served as Director of Banking and Finance Postgraduate Studies at WULS.

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